To provide the highest quality transport and infrastructure sector strategic policy, advice and plans to the MWTI and Government on a timely manner. This includes ensuring that the advice provided is informed by research and/or consultation, integrated, is comprehensive and provides a complete picture of the implications and benefits of policy and plan options available.


Road Safety Specialist
Senior Transport Specialist
National Infrastructure Strategic Plan (NISP)

The National Infrastructure Plan (NISP) delineates the Government of Samoa’s priorities and strategic directions for major initiatives in the economic infrastructure sector over the next 5-10 years. This focuses on the basic infrastructure facilities that support everyday life and business activity, such as electricity, water, transport and communications. It is the by-product of extensive consultation with infrastructure managers, users and development partners.

The NISP focuses on priorities for major infrastructure initiatives in the following sectors:

  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Water and Waste related services
  • Transport

NISP is closely linked to the Strategic for the Development of Samoa 20012-2016 (SDS) and its vision of “...mproved quality of life for all“




The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) in collaboration with the Korea Maritime Transport Institute (KOTI) hosted a meeting on Policy Options for Sustainable Transport Development in Incheon, Korea from 27-29 November 2013. The purpose of this meeting was therefore to present findings of the transport studies and exchange views and share knowledge experiences on existing policies and best practices on selected countries in the area of general transport specifically on land and maritime sectors.

Muliagatele Paulino Pania, ACEO Policy and Planning Division attended the meeting and presented a paper about issues that are currently facing the maritime transport in the Pacific as well as Samoa. The meeting also enabled Samoa to learn from policies that have used by Asian Countries in order to sustain their transport development.

End of Year Party

Last week Friday the management and staff of the Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure celebrated its end-of-year function at the Maliu Mai Restaurant & Bar.

The theme for the night was ‘Island Night’, and the men and women of MWTI did not disappoint, showcasing colorful island wear and beautiful traditional costumes.

All in all the MWTI End of Year Party was a big success. Indeed, it was truly a good way to start off the festive season!



Transport Sector Plan Wider Stakeholder Consultation

The Transport Sector Plan wider stakeholder consultation was held at the Samoa National Conference Centre on the 07th of August 2013. The main aim of the Consultation was to gauge stakeholder perspectives on the Draft Outline of the TSP before moving on to the next step. Turnaround from the participants was magnificent allowing for a very fruitful discussion throughout the different sessions of the consultation.

The session was divided into the three main divisions of the Transport Sector including Land, Air and Sea. All participants were engaged freely in the discussions to highli ght their long term plans, key focused areas of implementation and service provision as well as identifying the key recommendations that need to be factored into the final plan.

Feedback and inputs from the participants were considered as building blocks in the formulation of the Draft Transport Sector Plan.

Public Service Day 2013

The Public Service Day was celebrated on the 27th of September 2013, this is the second year public servants came together to celebrate the value of their service in the country. The special day began with a parade started from the fire service station and finished in front of the government building. Despite the delayed and the vicious hot sun, the MWTI joyfully singing samoan melodies and share laughter throughout the parade. The parade was followed by an Award Ceremony where the Deputy Prime Minister, Fonotoe Pierre Lauofo congratulated all the award recipients and public workers for their contribution and sacrifice for the betterment of the country.

The Public Service Day was concluded with an Expedition Day, held at the Tui Atua Tupua Tamaseses Efi Building at Sogi. This present different ministries and corporations the chance to showcase their core functions. The MWTI team took part, headed and organized by Elizabeth To’omata and her committee.

The Public Service Day was a success for MWTI, due to the efforts and contribution from the management and staff, as Fonotoe encouraged us “Keep up the good work”.

The Transport Sector Plan

The Ministry of Work, Transport and Infrastructure seek to recruit a Transport Sector Planning expert to assist in the development and formation of a Transport Sector Plan (TSP). As a result, IPA and KVA a Joint Venture was approved by the Tenders Board and the contract was signed on the 7th June, 2013 with the hope to have the work done within 50 working days. The expert is required to ensure full ownership of the Transport Sector Plan by the lead Ministry which is the Ministry of Work, Transport and Infrastructure and key stakeholders. In addition, the work to be undertaken will be agreed in advance in close consultation with the lead Ministry (MWTI).


IPA/KVA Consult as a joint venture has now been awarded by the Tenders Board to develop and formulate a Transport Sector Plan for 50 working days.