Chief Executive Officer Statement

Talofa and Welcome to our Ministry’s official website.

Having this website is an achievement and a milestone for our Ministry after the cabinet directive was given out for all Ministries to have websites online for members of the public to accessed by August 2008.

This website provides information’s about the Ministry and its mandated roles as well as detail information’s about all Divisions to assist our stakeholders to improve our contact, communication and disseminating of public information’s.

The website also has all contact details of people to contact if you need help from them and is listed in the Divisional page , including emails and phone numbers.

The website will be improve as we progress, and we encourage any feedbacks from anyone that can help us to improve further. At the end of the day, this tool is to help our customers, stakeholders , donors and researchers as well as the central and line Ministries to improve communication and we will consider your comment and feedback as high priority.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I hope we have been able to provide information’s you may have required.


Vaaelua Nofo Vaaelua
Chief Executive Officer